Yellow Torpedo is a print and www design company with a portfolio bias toward the education market. We specialise in the production of both print and electronic media to help promote your school, college or university.


We understand that all schools are different and have their own specific character and profile.


Your business is to help form and nurture young minds, our business is to help you inform parents that it is your school, college or university that can best do this.


From local press advertising to school magazines and websites, we can help you produce part or all of your promotional material.


In our experience, it takes time for us to get to know your school, its staff, the pupils, the ethos and what makes you unique. We recognise this means us spending some time on campus and in our opinion is the only way to get to know you properly.


Press Advertising

Local and national press media can be useful
for attracting the attention of specific target

Magazines and prospectus

The collation of material to produce print material, in particular, school magazines, is a long and challenging process for any editor. To help make this process as easy as possible, we can make available a lap-top with Microsoft Office, to schools and their editors, should it be required.


We also liaise closely with your editor throughout collation of material and the design and artwork stages, and can advise on photographic content and any considerations regarding production and print.



Whether it's creating a bespoke site from scratch or maintaining an existing site, we can help. Your site should dovetail seamlessly into other promotional material, and is quite often the first port of call for potential clients.


Streaming Video

A useful and attractive media for showcasing the day to day routine of life in the school. An embedded video sequence is particularly useful as a tool for getting across the interaction between staff and pupils in the classroom, on the playing fields and during recreational pursuits both on and off campus.

School Magazines

The school magazine is probably the most effective way of showing the 'real' school, as it has a substantial input from the pupils themselves, and although tempered, is the voice most prospective students will want to hear.


Estimates – The initial cost estimate covers all aspects of producing the publication, and covers all design work, artwork, print and delivery.


Editorial – Liaising between us and your Editor is an essential part of keeping the production on track, and is the only way to successfully meet the print deadline.


Editorial inaccuracy is a problem that can compromise an otherwise successful edition of the magazine. From incorrect names and inaccurate dates, to compromising images, we need to liaise heavily with your Editor to ensure this doesn't ruin the publication.

Collation of material – We can supply an external storage drive to help staff with the supply of material over a period of time. These have a big enough capacity to include both text and image files, and afford the editor the ability to channel the information from various sources.


Material files – We prefer text files to be supplied as Word docs, and any imagery as high resolution jpg image files. We can then process these files directly into our own software, and in particular allows us to retain any important formatting in the case of Word docs, and convert the jpgs from RGB to CMYK.


Additional photography – We can organise additional photography either generally from around campus or at specific school events should this be required.

Design Proofing – We will keep you regularly updated throughout the design of the magazine with supply of spreads of different sections either by pdfs or hard copy lasers. This affords plenty of time for changing any aspects of the design and content.


Final Editing – Close to the print deadline, we will supply a final set of laser prints for sign-off. When you are entirely happy, we will prepare the files for print.


Print and delivery – The magazine will be printed and delivered to you at the agreed time and destination, taking into account any specific delivery instructions.

Yellow Torpedo design work


Free laptop

We can make available a lap-top with Microsoft Office, to schools and their editors, should it be required.


To help your editor with the collation of material, in certain circumstances we can provide a dedicated PC laptop with Microsoft Office.


Generally, we provide a dedicated portable external storage drive for collation and supply of material from the school to us.


Please ask for details.

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